For years, people regarded Dogecoin as a joke cryptocurrency that would not amount to anything. Some people may see the lack of a developer roadmap as a weakness, yet that is one of Dogecoin’s strengths. The project remains true to the memey nature it has had since day one. There has never been a more opportune time to run a Dogecoin exchange with prices remaining near all-time highs. For those who want to run their own Dogecoin-oriented exchange, now is the moment to explore the ultimate crypto toolkit called HollaEx Kit.

Dogecoin Becomes A Serious Matter

Contrary to what many people had expected or hoped…

The Tokamak network recently announced the launch of its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for the governance of decentralized apps (dApps) on the Ethereum ecosystem. Bringing in the new wave for a decentralized future, the Tokamak Network has made this announcement of launching its DAO in a relatively short time. As a blockchain platform, Tokamak is credited for developing the first Turing-complete Ethereum-based plasma chain blockchain. With the DAO launch, Tokamak will create a more tangible environment for Ethereum dApps.

As of early 2021, Tokamak has successfully rebranded its on-demand layer-2 platforms. It can synchronize these platforms together with various Ethereum…

Blockchains today face several issues when it comes to scalability, decentralization, and weak security protocols. Let’s take Ethereum as an example. Ethereum is the go-to platform when it comes to decentralized applications and DeFi. Currently, the platform has over $21 billion locked in smart contracts. However, the platform is severely restricted in serving a large number of people thanks to its high gas fees and low transaction throughput.

The above is just one example of the issues that are faced by blockchains. With these issues in mind, technological improvements are necessary to ensure that blockchain technology improves and can keep…

The Tokamak Network has made major strides within a very short duration since its inception. The platform that developed the first Turing complete plasma chain for the Ethereum blockchain has moved fast to compound its results into more tangible achievements.

Tokamak successfully rebranded to an on-demand layer 2 platforms that aggregate together various Ethereum scalability and extendability solutions. By bringing together all these solutions under one roof, the platform allows developers easy access to tools for building their Ethereum-based applications. Upcoming projects no longer need to create decentralized applications (dApps) from scratch. …

ChainGuardians is a platform combining blockchain technology and gaming to enable a player-focused and player-driven economy. Players of the game can participate in both the ChainGuardians RPG game and the ChainGuardians NFT mining platform, earning income and rewards.

ChainGuardians has announced their Initial Dex Offering (IDO) for the ChainGuardians Governance Token (CGG) on Polkastarter, the premier decentralized fundraising platform.

ChainGuardians IDO Details

The ChainGuardians IDO will be taking place exclusively on the Polkastarter platform on 10th March 2021. $150,000 worth of CGG tokens will be made available during the public sale at a $0.12 per CGG token price.

ChainGuardians hopes to raise $150,000…

Decentralized predictions market project Polkamarkets has completed its token sale through the Polkastarter platform, and the project’s POLK tokens are now available for trading on Uniswap.

Polkamarkets is combining decentralized predictions markets with DeFi incentives and NFTs

Polkamarkets will be launching an on-chain predictions market on the Polkadot platform that will allow users to speculate on the outcomes of various events, ranging from (e)sports matches and politics to cryptocurrency prices.

The project will also incorporate DeFi incentives into its predictions market platform, with the goal of ensuring sufficient liquidity and improving participation. Polkamarkets also aims to include an entertainment component by providing gamified experiences with the help of NFTs, as well…

After many twists and turns, the Ethereum 2.0 Half 0 beacon chain formally launched the genesis block at 8 pm Beijing time on December 1.

For the Ethereum group, that’s undoubtedly an necessary milestone: the curtain on the freeway of Ethereum 2.0 is formally opened, what lies ahead is the final acceleration of Ethereum from PoW to PoS.

Tokamak Network, a Layer-2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain, has just announced a partnership with Korea Digital Asset Trust (KDAC). KDAC is a consortium of start-ups that provide digital asset solutions. KDAC was established by companies like Kobit, Blocko, and Fair Square Lab.

The partnership hopes to be mutually beneficial for both the Tokamak Network and KDAC, allowing Tokamak to guide KDAC through the Ethereum ecosystem and expand its functions. The Tokamak Network plans to strengthen KDAC’s wallet security for its assets. …

The blockchain industry has been growing rapidly in the last decade. A lot of time and resources have been dedicated to creating applications designed to disrupt most traditional frameworks and serve the world in a better way.

Despite the huge potential, many of these applications have been facing a lot of drawbacks such as scaling issues, limited decentralization, and security compromises on protocols.

Ethereum blockchain caves to DeFi pressure

Ethereum is the most renowned blockchain for Dapps and DeFi. The huge interest in the DeFi space has seen value locked within DeFi smart contracts surge to over $21 billion. …

Tokamak Network, the market’s leading layer-2 on-demand aggregator has recently announced the commencement of a partnership with Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction protocol providing competitive swap environments that power the future of open finance.

Over the last couple of months, the decentralized finance market has seen considerable growth, with billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies being locked in smart contracts. DeFi facilitates frictionless finance by providing individuals with collateralized loans and high-yield revenue streams for users looking to earn interest via their digital assets.

Facilitating Decentralized Auctions Through Bounce Finance

In particular, Bounce Finance was designed to provide DeFi enthusiasts with access to a decentralized auction…

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